Why Political Printing is Essential for Campaigns

If you can remember a candidate’s printed campaign logo, then you already understand how effective political printing can be when running for office. The next step is to learn how you can make it work for you and your campaign. In a culture where people are saturated by hundreds of messages every single day, the key is making your campaign brand stand out via a perfect blend of creativity, continuity, and placement.

The Unique Staying Power of Political Printing

Political printing has a unique staying power that can make it one of the hallmarks of a successful local or national campaign for office. This type of branding is typically remembered well beyond the campaign and is often captured as an important part of our political history.

Political printing has played a crucial role in almost every political campaign for the last century and is perhaps more relevant in today’s society than ever before. With hundreds of political entities constantly vying for people’s attention on social media in a sea of digital ads each day, the effects of using only those types of ads to engage voters tend to be fleeting and easily forgotten. However, tangible campaign items printed with a candidate’s name or campaign promise often have better longevity and could more significantly impact a voter’s memory.

Political Printing and Promotional Items

When it comes to political printing, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Almost every demographic of a voter subset is distinctive and may require a different method of communication to be most effective. For this reason, it is recommended that campaigns maintain continuity with their branding but differentiate their outreach.

When choosing a company to help with a political campaign, be sure to select one that can offer a diverse product line that will maximize your reach. Some examples of political printing mediums that campaigns may want to utilize can include:

Grassroots Efforts

  • Yard Signs: Raises neighborhood awareness of a candidate’s brand and the fact that they are running for office.
  • Door Hangers: Leaves a candidate’s name, information, and key running platforms on a door handle as a reference for those that aren’t home or choose not to answer the door.
  • Bumper Stickers: Takes a candidate’s name and campaign message everywhere it goes.

Direct Mail

  • Letterhead & Coordinating Envelopes: Works well for direct mail and standard campaign communications.
  • Thank you Cards & Envelopes: Shows a candidate’s personalized gratitude for campaign support and doubles as a valuable voting prompt.
  • Business Cards: Acts as a tangible reminder to voters of a candidate’s accessibility.

Fundraising & Special Events

  • Contribution Envelopes: Acts as an essential, user-friendly fundraising tool that fits inside standard mailing envelopes or can be used as a stand-alone item.
  • Pop-Up Banners: Provides a fantastic photo backdrop and an instant branding display for special events.
  • Wall Banners: Offers indoor and outdoor weatherproof branding that can be used at almost any type of event.
  • Name Tag: Serves as a reusable, magnet backed name tag for a candidate to wear at important social gatherings.

Campaign Awareness

  • Caps: Takes a candidate’s campaign message wherever the person wearing it goes.
  • T-shirts: Serves as a wearable silk screen and embroidered campaign tool for advertising.
  • Campaign Buttons: Acts as a low-cost, reusable branding tool that can be handed out to potential voters.
  • Push Cards: Informs voters where a candidate stands on key issues.

Top 5 Things to Look for in a Political Printer

The campaign team has been assembled and the race is on, but the only thing missing is a reliable political printer. When it comes to handing over the branding and outreach of a campaign, candidates need a political printer they can trust. Candidates should look for a political printing company that:

  1. Is Invested. A good political printer should be invested in a campaign’s branding process. This means working closely with the candidate to ensure the final logo is relevant, moderately complex, and reflective of the quality of the campaign it represents. The company can also ensure the logo will work well on different kinds of mediums, including print, embroidery, silk screen, and web presence.
  2. Works With American Made Products. One of the biggest errors in judgment when it comes to campaigns is not verifying that your political printer of choice uses strictly American made products. This should be non-negotiable for a well-run campaign and may even be used to illustrate a candidate’s commitment to supporting American businesses.
  3. Acts As A One Stop Shop. Campaigns run at breakneck speed, making finding a dependable one-stop-shop political printing company essential to a successful operation. To cut down on the chaos of multiple vendors and invoices, it is key to choose a political printer that can see a campaign through on all fronts from start to finish.
  4. Has Experience. A political printer with years in the business has probably seen it all. They’ve experienced the ups and downs and know how to roll with the punches. This is the flexible kind of leadership a candidate wants to have behind the scenes of their campaign.
  5. Is Reputable. A political printer’s experience is a must, but it isn’t much without a solid reputation. Campaigns should do their homework first to ensure the company they choose is both well respected and dependable.

With multiple elections just ahead and a crowded field of candidates, create well thought out political printing items that can be a critical component of your campaign’s success.

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