What Types of Promotional Products are Commonly Used for Marketing?

Promotional marketing can generate impressive returns for a business, especially if your marketing team identifies the best items to use for your event. There are hundreds of items to choose from, as commercial printers can turn just about anything into a promotional product. Some of the most common items used for promoting a business include:

  • T-shirts and other apparel
  • Tech items, like USB drives and chargers
  • Drinkware
  • Tote bags
  • Pens and other writing tools

There are many more types of promotional items available to companies, but the above promo products are proven brand boosters.

Five Promotional Products That Can Make an Impression for Your Brand

The most common promotional products are popular because they offer maximum impact for the cost. These items include:

  • T-shirts and other apparel – Apparel is a reliable way for brands to get their message out to a larger audience. For example, t-shirts are a proven promotional product, as they are worn for months (or years) before they are no longer used. Hats and outerwear (vests and jackets) can also generate thousands of impressions at a reasonable cost.
  • Tech items, including USB drives and chargers – It may seem like the era for promotional USB drives and power banks is gone, but customer surveys show that they are still a valued promotional gift. People also hold onto them for a long time, which means your company’s logo will be a reminder for quite some time.
  • Drinkware – Water bottles, mugs and other drinkware get a lot of use, which means consumers value them. Drinkware is versatile and is often seen in public, in the office, at the park, at the gym and so on. They are also inexpensive to produce, so businesses get an excellent return on their investment.
  • Tote bags – Tote bags are similar to drinkware in terms of ROI. They are inexpensive to produce, are favored by all kinds of people and receive frequent use in high traffic areas. Grocery stores and shopping malls are two examples, and both provide brands with ample impression opportunities.
  • Pens – Pens are a tried-and-true approach to promotional marketing. They’re available in a range of options, including high-end rollerball pens that make for a memorable gift to high value clients. Pens can also be sent out in the mail, which makes them a bit more versatile.

Each of these promotional items can support a company’s marketing goals, no matter the event or setting.

Why Promotional Products are Effective for Marketing Campaigns

Promotional marketing has been around for more than 200 years and remains effective even during the digital age. How has a 200-year-old marketing technique withstood the test of time?

  • People respond well to gifts – Promotional products work, in part, because people feel obligated when they receive something for free. At trade shows, brands can use this psychological trick to talk people into hearing a product pitch or to provide their contact information. In both cases, your company is generating potential customers without resorting to pushy sales tactics.Further, promotional items help create a positive bias in your brand’s favor, giving your team a brief window where they can build on that positive brand bias and potentially win over a new customer.
  • Perfect blend of longevity and cost – Promotional items are generally inexpensive to manufacture, though companies can invest a little more for longer-lasting products. Given the variety of promotional items and materials out there, it’s possible to strike a perfect balance between cost and brand impact.Promotional items also have impressive staying power. Based on data retrieved from consumer surveys, some promotional items are used for years before they are replaced, potentially generating thousands of impressions in the process.
  • Improves brand awareness and brand recall – Promotional products keep your company’s name and logo front and center. In the months following a promotional marketing campaign, your products will continue reminding people of your brand.

Promotional marketing can do a lot for a company’s branding – especially if it’s high-quality promotional marketing. Low quality promo items or printing processes will backfire and leave recipients wondering about the company’s own QA. To ensure your promotional printing generates a positive impression, consider working with an experienced commercial printer.

Investing in Promotional Products? Work with a Proven Commercial Printing Company

Commercial printers can serve as a promotional marketing partner for businesses in any type of industry. Their adaptability in this regard is one reason why commercial printers are a top choice for promotional item campaigns. Here are some benefits of working with a proven professional printing company:

  • A deep inventory of high-quality products – A well-resourced commercial printer will have a wider selection of promotional products to choose from, giving clients additional room to fine-tune their marketing efforts.
  • Expert design talent on staff – A reputable commercial printer will also have experienced designers on staff to assist with design concepts and fixes. If your company still needs to work on its visual branding, this design expertise will prove valuable.
  • Specialized printing processes for specialty items – Some commercial printers have access to specialized equipment like laser engravers or screen printers, which are printing technologies that can be used to print on a larger variety of items.

Build a Better Brand Image with Quality Promotional Products

Promotional marketing has worked for centuries and remains an effective option for businesses looking to promote their brand. Why? It can be adapted for any company, any industry and nearly any marketing campaign. Promotional products are appreciated by potential customers and provide long-term value to brands.

If your promotional marketing is provided by an experienced commercial printer, your business will have access to high quality products and impressive print finishes – leaving your future clients with a memorable impression.

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