The Benefits of Working with a Reputable Printing Shop

The Benefits of Working with a Reputable Printing Shop

Commercial communications still rely on print to a large extent, and that means companies still need professional printing services they can call on. A reputable printing company has years of experience to draw from – expertise that can prove valuable to clients.

Here, we’ve included the most notable benefits of partnering with a reputable printer.

1) Greater selection of printing materials

Experienced printing companies are paper gurus. They ponder deeply on subtle differences in paper weight and texture. They know everything there is to know about paper coatings. They can even point out the perfect specialty paper for a project.

In short, reputable printers know their medium, and this knowledge is put to work when matching the right material to the job. Stressed out about pairing the right paper with your design? Reputable printers have a deep inventory of papers to choose from, so clients can assess their options ahead of time.

An experienced printing service will also know where to source additional specialty papers if it comes to that. There are numerous small paper manufacturing shops that make quality printing materials. If needed, your printing partner can help find and source them.

2) Expert guidance on formatting and printing methods

File formatting can be a source of frustration for professional teams. There’s a basket of file formats to choose from – JPG, TIFF, RAW, PDF, PSD, AI – and it can be a chore reformatting designs for optimal print quality. If care isn’t taken, reformatting image files can damage the image’s quality and result in a poor print. A reputable printing company typically has designers on staff that can make adjustments to print files – including their format. Experienced designers also know how to make these adjustments “non-destructively,” – without making permanent changes, in other words.

Another frequent printing issue is color. One of the most common frustrations among print consumers is color quality and accuracy. Why don’t those colors look as crisp on paper as they do on a screen?

Colors are always going to look their brightest on a digital display – they’re backlit, after all. However, color discrepancies can also be due to the file’s color profile. Files created in digital graphics programs (like Photoshop or Illustrator) can utilize RGB or CMYK mixing when generating colors for a design. RGB is an additive color model that mixes red, blue and green to develop a color palette. CMYK is a subtractive model that mixes cyan, magenta, yellow and black to create color.

CMYK is the right choice for print, so it should be enabled prior to printing. If an RGB color profile is used with print graphics, the colors will likely not match the on-screen version perfectly.

If you’re unsure what color profile your file is set at, or if you need to switch profiles to improve print colors, a reputable printing company can make the necessary tweaks.

3) Better efficiency – even at scale

Businesses need a lot of print materials. Flyers, banners, office documentation, signage – the kind of volume that’s difficult to handle in-house.

Commercial printers organize their services specifically to meet the scaled-up needs of enterprise-level companies. This includes large-format printers (for banners and signs) and high-volume printers (for stacks of office documents). With their higher throughput, commercial printers can scale up to meet their clients’ print demands as needed.

4) Additional design flexibility and customization

Another advantage of having designers on staff is being able to adjust clients’ designs – or create new ones from scratch. Professional design services can be packaged with print services or selected as a standalone option. In both cases, companies have access to skilled design talent that can put together the perfect print materials – whether it’s a flyer or a professional presentation.

Of course, the printer works with the client throughout the process to ensure they are happy with the results. If some tweaks are needed, they can be made quickly and easily.

5) Knowledge of and compliance with certain signage requirements

Some businesses require specialized print materials that require specialized knowledge. For example, construction sites, industrial facilities, manufacturing plants and other high-risk areas require safety signage to remain in compliance with state and federal occupational agencies.

Occupational safety signage cannot be printed on most papers, even if laminated. And it must adhere to design principles that emphasize visibility and readability at a distance. These requirements are beyond what most companies can manage on their own, which is why they turn to experienced commercial printers to handle the job.

Some commercial printers, for instance, can print on metals using specialized printing methods. You won’t find metal printing at many print shops, but it’s critical for creating the kind of durable, long-lasting signage that heavy duty workplaces require.

6) Prompt communication and customer service

It happens – while managing a professional project, one of your teams forgot to account for printing needs. Now, there’s a tight deadline to get those prints handled.

If you’re working with a reputable printing company, have no fear. Reputable printers are used to operating under stressful deadlines and can respond quickly.

In fact, responsiveness is one of the biggest advantages of partnering with a commercial printer. Reputable print shops will go the extra mile to ensure clients get their orders on time. And along the way, reputable printing services will remain in communication with their customers.

Reputable Printing Shops Can Handle a Variety of Projects with Their Resources and Expertise

This above list of benefits is by no means conclusive. Many companies find a professional relationship with an accomplished printer pays off time after time. That’s because organizations of every size and in every industry still do much of their communicating through print, and with a reputable printer on your side, your visual communications will look their best.

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