Social Distancing Floor Stickers Make For Simple, Cost Effective Reminders

It may be many more months until social distancing is no longer the recommendation, and until then, reminders to keep a safe distance apart are important for businesses. One approach is to apply social distancing stickers to the floor, as they are an easy and inexpensive way to maintain proper health and safety guidelines. They also make sense in a variety of settings, including:

  • Grocery stores
  • Office lobbies
  • Banks
  • Convenience stores
  • Restaurants
  • Post offices
  • Retail shops
  • Doctor and dentist waiting rooms

In short, anywhere a line may form, or heavy foot traffic is expected, social distancing floor stickers are an effective option.

Eight reasons why social distancing floor stickers make sense for your business

Floor stickers are an easy way to ensure people keep their distance from each other, but they come with a few more benefits that are also worth considering. For example:

1. They take up little space – Floor stickers can go anywhere there’s an available piece of hard floor, whether it’s concrete, tile or laminate. They can also work on low pile carpets. No matter where they are placed, though, they don’t present an obstacle for customers, so they don’t impede foot traffic and frustrate people. Most other forms of signage are limited in this way, which also limits their utility in tighter spaces. Not the case with floor stickers, so they can be used in places where other signage cannot.

2. They can help customers with wayfinding – There’s no limit to the number of floor stickers a business can use at once, so they can be used in additional roles as well. For instance, social distancing floor stickers can help customers find their way to cashiers more easily, so they can be designed with arrows to help people queue up.

This approach makes sense anywhere customers are expected to line up, so grocery stores, retail shops, waiting rooms, reception areas, restaurants, banks and office lobbies are just a few places where additional wayfinding can help.

3. They don’t interfere with how the business operates – Stand up signage may block the customer’s view, making it difficult for them to see what they can buy. It’s one reason why small retail businesses prefer to keep stand up signage away from products. Social distancing floor stickers don’t have this same problem, which allows businesses to observe health and safety guidelines without affecting the shop’s layout.

4. They don’t need to be constantly repositioned – Customers and employees are bound to incidentally run into stand up signage and push it around, which reduces its effectiveness and means employees will have to put it back in place. Floor stickers, once placed, don’t move, so they can be counted on, no matter how long they are needed.

5. They are simple to install – Floor stickers can be placed in seconds and require no tools or materials to do so. The only thing to remember is to clean the floor before placement, as this will ensures the stickers don’t bubble, ripple or shift around. Once the floor is clean, peel the sticker from the backing material and place it on the ground, pressing it in the middle first and flattening it out toward the edges.

6. They are designed to last – Social distancing floor stickers can be made from various materials, including long-lasting polyester. Stickers made from quality polyester provide an anti-slip surface, can handle spills, won’t scuff and won’t tear, even under stress from footwear or equipment.

7. They are also simple to remove – Floor stickers will last a long time, but when replacement is needed, they can be separated from the floor with ease. To peel the sticker off, pull it slowly and firmly in one smooth motion. No residue will be left behind, so another sticker can be put in its place immediately.

8. They can be custom designed – Businesses can also use their floor stickers to relay helpful reminders, communicate in multiple languages, or reinforce the company’s branding with logos or other images. Further, floor stickers can be designed with vivid colors so they are easy to spot, which also makes them useful for cautioning people away from certain areas.

Who can supply social distancing floor stickers?

Professional print shops are the first choice in social distancing floor stickers, for a few reasons, including:

  • Professional printers have experience with a variety of sticker materials – Print shops work with polyester regularly, and they produce stickers for their clients regularly. For these shops, printing out social distancing stickers is already in line with their standard product offerings. This means you’ll get a high-quality product from a supplier that knows what they are doing.
  • Professional printers also have designers on staff – Print shops also employ graphic designers that know how to use color, text and images to create effective signage. These skills are a natural fit for designing social distancing floor stickers, too, and experienced designers can help create stickers that support the company’s branding while reminding people to distance themselves from others.
  • Professional printers can create high volumes of product – An experienced print shop has handled large print orders from a variety of clients, so it’s an easy transition to create a large stack of floor stickers. Print shops can scale their output up or down as needed to meet their clients’ needs.

Protecting customer health is a priority these days, and social distancing floor stickers are an inexpensive, durable, multipurpose tool aiding in public safety. Print shops are a cost-effective supplier as they already produce an array of branding and signage products for many industries. Social distancing floor stickers are a natural extension of their production capabilities.

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