How a Printing Company Can Help with Logo Design

Professional printing companies are visual communication experts that can help your business create – or update – its own logo. A reputable printing company can guarantee proper formatting and professional design practices, which can provide big branding advantages for any business.

Three Advantages of Professional Logo Design

Many companies partner with an outside expert to handle their logo design. Professional printing companies have expert designers on hand to provide quality logo services. Here are three reasons why partnering with a professional printer is a good idea for your branding strategy:

  • Best design practices – Commercial printers have expert designers on staff educated in best practices. This includes the proper use of color, typography, and graphics. These creative professionals typically bring graphic design and illustration experience to the table. As such, they can develop a high-quality logo from scratch, even producing custom illustrations or typefaces, if needed.
  • Proper formatting – Your logo designer will also implement best practices when formatting your images. Print and web logos require different resolution and color profile settings, which necessitate certain file settings. If these settings aren’t properly configured, your logos won’t look their best on paper or online.
  • Brand development advantages – A business logo is the centerpiece of its visual branding strategy. As such, your logo designer will have a lot of influence in your company’s brand development. By working with an established printing business to develop your logo, it will be easier to incorporate the new logo into a larger branding strategy. Packaging design is one example of this concept in action.

How a Printing Company Can Develop Your Brand Strategy

Your company’s logo is its visual anchor, but there is more to brand development than the logo. In fact, if your business is starting from scratch with its branding strategy, consider brand development services first.

You can think of brand development as drawing the blueprint for your company’s visual design, brand messaging and brand positioning. These are vital elements for communicating with your target audience, and a professional printer can help your company develop them.

Here’s a closer look at brand development services a trusted professional printing company can offer:

  • Market research – Market research is used to develop your brand’s market strategy. Market research is heavily focused on customer observation, and many include surveys or focus groups. For the purposes of logo design and visual branding, market research means matching the right visual elements to the right audience. Younger consumers, for example, are more drawn to high contrast, vivid colors. Older consumers typically prefer the familiar, with conservative use of color and text.

    Professional printers keep demographic research in mind when tailoring their designs to a client’s mission. This will ensure your brand marks are communicating properly to your target audience.

  • Market strategy – Market strategy is the product of market research. Market research reveals your brand’s target audience. Market strategy consists of the steps that will be taken to communicate to that audience effectively. Your logo and visual design are critical elements in this strategy, as they can communicate important concepts quickly. Again, this comes down to proper use of color, text, and image to create the tone and impact your company needs from its branding.
  • Competitor analysis – During competitor analysis, your print partner will study other businesses in your field and identify what’s working and what isn’t. This could be as basic as noting trends in visual design including colors, text, and more. Competitor analysis is frequently more complex, noting how competitors utilize their brand marks online and in various print formats. This information can provide valuable insights for your own branding strategy.

How a High-Quality Logo Helps a Business

Customers recognize businesses by their logos. It’s the most important part of your brand’s visual design as it is essentially the first impression your company will always lead with when communicating with customers. The importance of a business logo can’t be overstated.

Your company’s logo is your brand’s central image, and all other visual marks will be designed around it. As such, it plays a major part in your branding strategy. Specifically, here’s how a high-quality logo can deliver better results for your business:

  • A logo makes a superior first impression – A company’s logo is its visual calling card. The logo is featured on official letterhead, on client proposals, on product packaging, on your company’s signage, on its website, on promotional items and more. A clever, professional logo will give your company an edge whenever it needs to make a first impression.
  • A logo improves brand recognition and recall – A high quality logo is easy to recall and is recognizable on sight. Quality logos are designed for people to understand instantly, so when they see them again in the future, they will be more likely to recognize the brand behind it. That means better brand recognition and recall – two major advantages for any business.
  • It improves trust in your brand – A high quality logo communicates exactly what you want it to, whether that’s professionalism, sophistication, boldness, optimism, sincerity, or many other types of brand tone. If your logo reinforces your brand’s messaging in a cohesive way, it will generate authenticity and trust in your company.
  • It can be used with a greater variety of print materials – A high quality logo can be used in a variety of print applications and with a variety of print mediums. Whether printed on business cards, banners, letterhead, product packaging, t-shirts and hats, or another item, the business logo can be used on a variety of products.

An Experienced Printing Company Can Provide Logo Design Expertise

Your company’s logo is your brand’s most important visual mark. The more effective the logo, the more effective your branding will be.

As visual communication experts, professional printers can provide effective logo design services as part of a larger branding strategy. Consider scheduling a consultation with a reputable commercial printing company to help develop your logo design and get your business noticed.

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