How a Printing Company Can Help Promote Your Brand

How a Printing Company Can Help Promote Your Brand

In a digital world, some may wonder how a printing company can help promote your brand. The success of this method can be found in its novelty as digital ads have become the overused standard. Because of the flood of digital messaging entering streaming services and social media feeds today, many of these ads are rendered somewhat ineffective because they do not stand out or have staying power. However, when done correctly, print marketing can boast a number of benefits including better brand visibility, a return on investment, and even customer retention.

Finding the right printing company to assist with print campaign efforts is key. Once you understand how a printing company can help promote your brand, it is imperative to choose the right provider for the job. A full-service printing provider should be able to assist with development of a logo, maintain consistency with the logo across multiple mediums (pamphlets, t-shirts, banners, etc.), offer multiple mediums for different uses such as banners for photo opportunities and campaign buttons for special events, and help increase the visibility of a brand, business, or campaign.

How a Printing Company Can Help Promote Your Brand

A printing company can help promote your brand in ways that extend beyond the tangible items they can print for you. Perhaps even more important than what they can print is the effect those items can have. Successful print campaigns can:

  • Create brand awareness. Whether you are a new candidate starting up a campaign or an existing business that has relied on word of mouth for foot traffic up to this point, creating and disseminating printed materials to your core constituents and clients can help create a new awareness of your brand, product, and platform.
  • Attract new business or donors. Some recipients of a direct mail campaign may be new to the area and not yet familiar with the businesses in the community. For this reason, print campaigns can be an excellent tool for attracting new business.
  • Build relationships. The physical act of receiving mail may sometimes assist in building a relationship between the sender and the reader. With direct mail being overlooked by many marketing companies today, it opens the door for direct mail to have a greater impact and impression on recipients.
  • Boost sales. When designed with the right call to action and disseminated to the target market, printed materials not only help with messaging but may also increase sales for the sender. Letting the community know about your store’s end-of-year clearance sale may be just the invitation a reader has been looking for to check out your business.
  • Help your message stand out. The digital market has become so inundated with messaging that it leaves most of us with the inability to recall individual ads that we see. By designing tangible printed materials, it may allow the brain to have better recall and retention of that information.
  • Require less effort to read and remember than their digital counterpart. A digital ad is typically seen and then scrolled past and often forgotten. However, a print ad could sit on the counter or coffee table for a period of time potentially giving it more staying power.
  • Increase engagement. Ultimately, a person who is unaware of a business or political candidate is not as likely to interact with them. However, by simply being aware of a sale, promotional event, or speaking engagement via a printing campaign, it can establish awareness and a call to action at the same time.

Many printing companies’ expertise may be able to edge out that of marketing gurus by instructing clients on what paper weight, stock, and finish is most effective. Each choice must be thoughtfully made to attract the reader’s attention and urge them forward with a call to action.

Items That Can Feature Your Logo or Brand

Knowing how a printing company can help promote your brand is part of the equation, the other is knowing what your options are as far as what your logo or brand can be printed on. Some of the top items chosen by corporations and those running for office are:

  1. Apparel

Apparel is a popular item for corporations and political campaigns, although it can also be effective for smaller companies as well. T-shirts, jackets, ball caps, and many more items can feature a well-designed logo. Rely on a reputable professional at the printing company to give you guidance on if silkscreen printing or embroidery is more appropriate for both the use and budget. For consistency in color, it is also advised to use a printer that utilizes the Pantone Matching System.

Once the apparel is printed, every time it is worn your logo or brand goes with the person wearing it and it may reach up to dozens or more people with each wear. This is a great way for your logo to keep creating awareness of your business for months or years to come.

  1. Commercial printing

Commercial printing is one of the most widely sought after services of printing companies. This type of printing can include booklets, brochures, posters, signs and more. These may be used in mail campaigns or by displaying or handing them out at local parades or special events.

  1. Mail

Direct mail campaigns are also highly popular among both businesses and those campaigning for office. Whether it is simply an informative mailer or letterhead that comes with a return donation envelope, these items are designed to be mailed to people’s homes and generally include some sort of call to action.

  1. Display

For special events such as speaking engagements, parades, or outdoor events, display items such as cloth or vinyl banners, wall banners, and pop-up banners draw attention. These are largely reusable and portable, making them a great addition to a print campaign.

Understanding how a printing company can help promote your brand can be instrumental in creating awareness of your business or campaign, as well as calling your target audience to action. Work with a reputable and trusted printing company today to start making your logo and brand work for you!

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