Campaign Printing for Maximum Visibility

Campaign Printing for Maximum Visibility

Local and national political races are growing more crowded by the minute, making campaign printing for maximum visibility a must for those that are running for office. Americans today are bombarded with a staggering number of messages every day, so investing the time and planning to ensure your printed campaign messages work for you are critical.

How to Create Campaign Printing for Maximum Visibility

With the saturation of digital messaging happening in our culture today, printed materials have in many ways become more of a novelty, which helps them stand out and garner attention. Some studies have shown that recipients of print ads spend more time on print ads and campaigns than those which are digital and that recipients are generally able to remember more about a print ad because of the medium.

With the advantages of using campaign printing for maximum visibility in mind, candidates should also consider the following when developing materials:

  • Logo simplicity. A candidate’s logo should never change. Whether it is on a small business card or a large wall banner, it must be legible and easily identifiable. For this reason, simplicity is a cardinal rule when creating a logo, which applies to color, text, and formatting. If a candidate is not sure where to start, an experienced printing company can provide valuable assistance and limit future issues with various applications.
  • Quality of images used. A logo must be conducive for small scale, large scale, and every application in between. This means it should always look clean and polished, and never pixelated.
  • For printed direct mail pieces, the type of paper finish used is an important consideration. Options can include uncoated, matte, or glossy. Paper weight is something to keep in mind, particularly with the cost of direct mail pieces in mind. When it comes to printed shirts, there is usually a choice between silk-screening and embroidery. Candidates must choose materials that will make their logo shine and represent them well.
  • Put together a group to help canvass a neighborhood. Obtaining printed campaign materials is only part of the equation. Once the printed materials are ready to go, candidates will need to know who their target voter segment is and then designate a team to ensure they are covering at least twice the number of voters as is needed for a win.

12 Tools to Use in Campaign Printing That Create Identity Awareness

To say a candidate is going to run a print campaign is one thing, but knowing what tools to use in campaign printing that create identity awareness is entirely another. Twelve primary tools recommended for successful print campaigns include:

  1. Campaign Logo. The logo is a key part of personal branding when running for office. When created with simplicity and consistently used, the logo is an integral part of establishing the identity of all printed campaign materials.
  2. Business Cards. These cards should feature the campaign logo, the candidate’s name, the position they are running for, the campaign website, and basic contact information for campaign headquarters. With this in hand, a prospective voter has multiple means of reaching out to a candidate with questions or for volunteering to become a part of their campaign team.
  3. Campaign Letterhead and Envelopes. People running for office frequently use letterhead for direct mail pushes and for special events. Whether it is used to address a specific issue with voters or to ask for the general support of members of the community, campaign letterhead and matching envelopes are a must.
  4. Contribution Envelopes. As with many things, the more money a campaign can raise, the further its reach. For this reason, contribution envelopes are an essential tool for fundraising, gathering constituent information, and building email lists. They are one of the most popular forms of direct mail used in political campaigns.
  5. Name Badges. As a candidate running for office, an individual will make multiple appearances in which people may not necessarily know who they are. If a constituent does not know the candidate, their name badge will then make their identity obvious. It is recommended to have a minimum of three name badges that attach to clothing via magnets so that if one or more is lost, there is a backup ready to go.
  6. Pins and Buttons. These are generally low-budget items that can be worn by people at gatherings such as special events or parades. Many candidates also choose to hand out pins and buttons to voters in these settings as a means of giving their logo legs.
  7. Pop-Up Banners. Pop-up banners are skyrocketing in popularity because they reinforce a candidate’s branding with the logo and website URL, but they also have a social media application when a picture is taken in front of it and then posted to a platform. These banners are usually 36” x 84” and are designed to be free standing. Reputable printing companies should also provide a portable carrying case for the banner.
  8. Push Cards. These are typically two-sided cards handed out for the purpose of educating constituents about a candidate’s values and positions on key issues. They usually feature the campaign logo, website URL, and other pertinent information. Push cards are often handed out in group settings or made available at a candidate’s table or booth for the taking.
  9. Apparel. When a person wearing a shirt with a candidate’s logo on it goes about their daily errands, they are essentially providing free advertising for the person running for office. Whether choosing embroidery or silk screen techniques, consider ordering a combination of t-shirts and polo shirts with the logo to hand out to the campaign team, volunteers, and supporters.
  10. Thank You Cards. As a candidate running for office, that individual’s success relies heavily on constituents that donate to the cause or volunteer their time. Because thank you notes have become a rarity in society today, they leave a lasting impression when received. Be sure to order several boxes of thank you cards with the campaign logo.
  11. Wall Banners. Much like pop-up banners, the wall version is also good for photo opportunities and has social media applications. The main difference is that wall banners are not free standing and instead are usually affixed to a wall. They are typically used for larger gatherings and are weatherproof so they can be used in multiple settings, indoors or outside.
  12. Yard Signs. One of the most popular ways to garner neighborhood awareness of a person’s candidacy is by distributing staked yard signs in the community. With the campaign logo prominently displayed on signs in people’s yards, flower beds, or on apartment balconies, residents and visitors of that neighborhood could potentially see the candidate’s name and logo several times daily, making it easier to recall when casting their ballot.

Campaign printing for maximum visibility should include all or a combination of the above. However, the effectiveness of these tools depends largely on the simplicity and consistency of a candidate’s logo.

The Importance of Finding the Right Printing Company

Finding the right printer can go a long way toward utilizing campaign printing for maximum visibility. Choose a printer that has years of experience in working with political campaigns as these businesses have valuable knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, as well as what has been done and what has not.

Particularly when running for office in the United States, it is highly recommended to enlist the services of a printer that uses American-made products. It may even be beneficial for a candidate to highlight the fact that they are supporting domestic products and services for their printed campaign materials.

When it comes to using campaign printing for maximum visibility, planning and implementation are key. The proper design, preparation, and distribution of these items as a whole can ultimately help define a campaign’s success.

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