Is American or Union made clothing available? 
Yes, we have relationships with a select group of American and Union made apparel suppliers.Can you design art for my tee shirt? 
Yes, we have artists on staff to take your ideas or sketches, and turn them into finished art for your company or organization.

What is minimum on tees and caps? 
For tee shirts, we require a minimum order of 36 pieces or $250.00. The minimum on embroidered caps is 24 or $250.00.

How is my logo produced for embroidery? 
Your logo is scanned and digitally plotted to develop a quality reproduction tape that can be used over and over again.

Does embroidery cost more than silk screening? 
In small quantities the pricing is close but screening gets cheaper in larger quantities.

Can you silk screen caps? 
Yes, but we recommend embroidery for caps because it gives a classic quality representation of a logo.

Can you print or embroider on spandex or stretch clothing? 
No, we shy away from these types of materials.

How many colors can you print or embroider? 
With silk screening, we can print a simple one or two color logo, or a full color design. (Check for minimum quantities on full color printing.) Normally 144 minimum and applicable set up charges- with embroidery, we can use many colors for a design. We can embroider up to eight colors for a design.

Logo Design

What is Carroll Printing’s preferred formats for artwork? 
Art must be submitted in a vector format with all fonts outlined (Illustrator, PDF, Indesign)Can you design a logo for me? 
Yes, call us to set up an appointment to discuss your needs, your business focus and general ideas of what you are looking for in a design.

Once designed, can I use the logo on other items? 
When considering a logo, we discuss and ask questions to find out where and how the logo might be used or displayed. We then create the logo to allow the logo to be used in a variety of mediums (signs, brochures, apparel, etc.)

Promo Products

Can you meet my event date?
Normal production for products is 1 ½ to 3 weeks, but we have sources that offer many items in as little as 48 to 72 hours upon approval of artwork.Can you suggest an item for my event?
Our staff has over 50 combined years in the business. Send us your ideas or event theme, budget or focus and we will assemble a group of ideas for you to choose from.

How can I get the most “bang for my buck”?
By choosing products that are practical and appropriate for your event you will find that the items will be appreciated and will be kept and used longer.

Commercial Printing

Can you customize a form for my type of business?
Yes, we receive many requests to design forms that will meet every need of our customer. Streamlining a form can simplify procedures.Can you print the union label?
Yes, our artist and pressmen are members of Allied Printing Trades Council and our number is 11.

Do you do political printing?
Yes, we print campaign literature for many types of candidates including judges, state reps, Union officials, and presidential candidates. We print push cards, post cards, placards, door hangers, business cards, yard signs, stickers and many other types of pieces. We can print in English, Spanish and several other languages as needed.

Do you do full color printing?
Yes, and we can print small quantities for small campaigns or large quantities for national campaigns.

Do you offer fast turnaround?
Yes, with good digital files submitted, (AI, Corel, Vector files) we can turn your job around quickly, sometimes in a days time when needed.

Banners, Decals & Signs

Can you make outdoor signs?
Yes, our production services group can produce aluminum, MDO, or PVC signs, and have them installed at your location. Our group will handle securing permits as well.What types of materials are best for our banners?
We offer banners made of vinyl for outdoor applications and nylon cloth for indoor and limited outdoor exposure.

Can you make decals?
Yes, we produce decals for a variety of applications and surfaces, weatherproof reflective, numbered, super tough, etc.

Can you make magnetic car signs?
Yes, send us your art and we can produce magnetic signs for your trucks or for your fleet.


Can you suggest good slogans for our group?
Yes, give us a call, we’ll discuss your particular needs and assist you in coming up with an appropriate slogan.How do we include all of our employees in safety?
We have many creative ways and ideas for including all aspects of a company in the safety process, such as scratch off games, safety bingo, Recipe for Safety Cookbooks and other creative ideas.

What is a Heat Aware Card?
The Heat Aware Card is a safety tool designed to make a person aware of extreme heat temperatures, offers tips for hydration, suggested work to rest times and shows the signs, symptoms and treatment for different levels of over heated exposure.

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